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New Earth's mission:

 New Earth, a specialty landscaping company, was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2019, and we proudly serve all of Denver and Boulder metro areas.  We are extremely passionate individuals that operate solely under sustainable practices. We like to promote and offer native perennials, or plants that are naturalized to the area. Our unique and intelligent designs are crafted to produce the most efficiently in the space you have, a well as the zone we are in.

       We offer unique, high yielding vegetable and fruit installations paired with a maintenance style that will produce the most your space can offer. As well as that, our primary landscaping focuses are based in knowledge of local ecology, using drought tolerant perennials, and beautiful arrangements that are created in care for the environment.

       We offer a wide variety of services for all lovers of flower gardens, vegetable/herb gardens, raised beds, xeriscape, water conservation, soil remediation, and native/perennial gardens. Our goal is to help any and all level of gardeners. Some may only need a helping hand, while others need a full design! Our clients tend to be green thinkers who are interested in vegetable and perennial designs, as well as maintaining the gardens.

      Our spring and summer services include: Garden planning/design (vegetables, perennials, xeriscape, and annuals), maintenance (cleaning up, pruning, raking, weeding), Mulching, raised bed installations/garden bed preparation, soil remediation, water conservation, vegetable/flower plantings/seed sowings, harvesting, and spring/fall clean outs.

Contact us today, and get growing on your garden!



founder, head gardener

Katy Gruenbaum is our founder and head gardener of New Earth, with over 10 years of certified sustainable gardening and horticulture experience. Katy has studied with the master gardener's program with CSU. She specializes in designs and planning, and is responsible for educating other employees on using progressive practices and techniques, including our vegetable maintenance and xeric installations (using native, drought tolerant pollinators), procedures and organizational tasks. Katy is a powerful, creative, and helpful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Katy enjoys her friendships, and is focusing on social endeavors with an ambition to start a non-profit. In her free time, she likes to hike, sing, and read books.

Aaron-online, customer support

Aaron Orzechowski has been an essential aspect of New Earth and it's beginnings. Aaron began his work with New Earth in 2019, partnering with Katy on various administrative tasks, such as client relations management, interviewing and hiring on our happy gardening team, and worked as a team leader on location. Aaron has now found a key role in our operations as our our social media, website and advertising expert! Aaron is an intelligent, creative, and goal oriented force in the workplace. As well as his work with New Earth, Aaron enjoys developing a CSA with his father, building websites, marketing, and social media presence for his clients, and also creating educational and entertaining media for his followers. For more information on Aaron's works, you can find more here: 

other staff

Throughout our garden year of March to November, we employ gardeners and subcontractors to help maintain gardens and install our designs. Our team is well trained in our techniques, and we ensure each person on staff has a knowledgable background in gardening, and maintaining professionalism.

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